"Jack Foxley, an online-only venture that creates—get this—customized suede, leather, and wax cotton elbow patches for blazers that need a little pick-me-up. It’s one of those delightful details that somehow make all the difference in modern menswear." —Vogue Read more
"Foxley makes mending one’s favorite blazer or cardigan easier, chicer and more affordable. No more bad pleather patches from the corner tailor." —Times Magazine. Read more
"Regarding elbow patches, standard brown suede is only the beginning. Jackfoxley.com has leather, suede, ultra suede and waxed cotton elbow patches in standard sizes for $16 a pair in an array of shades." —WSJ. Read more
"We’ve always been down with elbow patches, but we didn’t know they came in neon until The New York Times introduced us to Jack Foxley Elbow Patches. ... The awesomely bright, Crayola-worthy shades include 'Hay Fox Campfire Orange,' 'The Navarre Orange,' and 'Travers City Hunting Orange.'" — Birch Box. Read more
"In business, it's smart to be a bulldog. Or, better yet, to have a bulldog - an English one named Jack." — The Daily. Read more
"A kind soul on a mission to see that your cubita are constantly stylish. He does this with a collection of suede, waxed-cotton and leather patches that come in enough shades to stitch a Technicolor Dreamcoat out of (but, you know, he’s more of a purist)." — Urban Daddy. Read more