Following an extensive search all over New York City and deep into cyberspace, Jack Foxley’s founder was in a predicament: Finding the right suede patches to sew on his staple uniform, a classic navy blazer with weathered elbows, was simply impossible. Fabric stores wanted a fortune for their leather hides, which were far too large. What about the best tailors in Manhattan? They seem to stock no more than a few sub-quality scraps, and only in the most basic colors.

That changed in the spring of 2011, with the launch of Jack Foxley, named after the founder’s beloved English bulldog. Since then, discerning individuals from all over have responded with enthusiasm—relieved to find a purveyor of elbow patches offering a variety of colors and materials, hand-cut in the United States.

As Jack Foxley continues to grow and expand its product range, we hope you’ll join us on the voyage—and never worry about putting your elbows on the table.


Precious Pink Peonies

Wondering if any of our wonderful customers might like supple suede elbow patches in the color of these lovely peonies?

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On the Spot: SoHo

Jack’s favorite people, places, products, independent businesses—and a few other things thrown in for fun.

When Jack was still a puppy, he lived for two years in SoHo. Herewith a few of his favorite spots...

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